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From the very beginning photography has been marked by its adaptability, with the camera being assigned to create visuals for personal and professional purposes. Today we are in a digital world, where photography has become one great lie, as it is being exchanged from computer to computer, moving away far from reality. So any visuals that exhibit, consider it to be a lie because behind it lies the actual truth of photography, which we are gonna exhibit to you.

1. To create realistic historical visuals mini car models have been used.

2. This ain’t a great lie, but I think it’s one of those creative reflection visuals done cleverly.

3. Well, I hope now it’s clear, how most of those underwater visuals are filmed.

4. Once again, we are being fooled by a great lie of miniature photography.

5. A very adorable and cute photography, that goes on to exhibit innocence and simplicity.

6. Behind every beautiful woman, there’s a crazy guy doing the splashing around.

7. Now whether this is photoshopped or what, but definitely it’s a great lie as per the visuals.

8. A little water is what matters to create the perfect reflection photography.

9. It ain’t a great lie, as the girl, the water, and the divers are real. It’s all about talent.

10. This photography goes on to exhibit the power of editing.

11. Well, it’s more secure to create a storm than to chase one.

12. This was the only way to splash the roses and get the right visuals but after many retakes.

13. It’s a real room, with the girl really floating, absolutely an extreme photography.

14. City lights turned into little hearts blinking is another great lie, but done intelligently.

15. Love the creativeness of this and how the photographer brilliantly worked out all the stages.

16. It’s definitely a lie. Just a couple of tube lights to create visuals of the northern lights of Iceland.

17. The visuals are double photoshopped because no one can get so close to hot burning lava.

18. Visuals showing milk in cereal commercials are actually glue sprayed all over.

19. A very well thought idea of a shattered glass lake.

20. The true lie here is that not everyone’s knees have that kind of beauty!

21. The snow came from a snow machine, the snowflakes and the soap bubbles were blown by a fan. Now, isn’t that a lie?

22. Ha! Ha! Babies don’t bounce that high on their own, so obviously, it’s a lie Daddy.

23. No need to hire another arm, basically, an arm selfie.

24. You need a crazy photographer to give you these type of memorable wedding visuals.

25. This is in no way a fake, just the dog giving a ferocious look.

26. Just a trick photography which anyone can create with the background.

27. Now, we know where all that perfume comes from, filth.

28. Raindrops do not always keep falling under your umbrella.

29. An underwater photoshoot, which is captured fantastically.

30. So they just had to cut out the end of the dress where it’s tied to hold up.

31. I think it’s safer than shooting an actual volcano erupting.

32. Spraying flour all over to create a cloudy atmosphere.

33. Details of a burger itemized.

34. Seriously, are they holding jellyfish?

35. The shirt not floating upwards of the drowning man exhibit its a lie.

36. The father holding the baby is the truth, not just the baby hanging.

37. She’s trying to exhibit exorcism or what?

38. A romantic couple far far away.

39. She’s trying to be one Wonder Woman.

40. Visuals of the M&M’s are lined up like rainbows, but the real pic exhibit they are all mixed up in the bowl. A great lie within a lie!

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