20+ Selfies of People who made mistakes in front of the mirror

In this video we will see 30 people who have to understand how mirrors work. Everyone knows more than one person that they go crazy with the photos, they just can not stop taking a photo every so often, it’s impossible to go to a meeting without immortalizing the moment and it’s really great because we can have several memories, although of course there is always a limit. As you know, not all the photos we take are good, some are horrible (sometimes it is not the camera’s fault, that is possibly a plastic surgery issue) many times we have uploaded the photos without realizing those little details that They could ruin our whole life and this video is just about this.

People who took pictures and did not notice some strange things that come out in them and ruined their lives completely, very apart from the fact that some of them need a Nose Aesthetic Surgery or also known as rhinoplasty, but many of these are because they did not realize that there were other people or that they were simply not in the correct angle of the photograph, many of these were intentionally ruined by third parties or simply someone realized the photographic taking after finding details and preventing their friend of it or simply immortalize the photograph by making it public on their social networks (which has mostly happened) or well they just took the picture to get the attention of third parties.

We must bear in mind that social networks play an important role in the dissemination of our photographs and take a selfie either personally or publicly at some point will be shown to some acquaintance or friend and that in this way our selfies can be spread, take care in the best way take it and know who or who we should show since any of us can be a victim of the dissemination of these selfies

If you were one of the people that appear in this video, you would be shamefaced and for many years you would not leave your house, in the video there are all kinds of photos, from photos that will get a laugh and others that will make you think if the person who appears is still alive, because with a photo like that it is unlikely that someone could have endured the ridicule. To see the photo shoots you just have to enter the next

# 1 Spider Photo-Bombs A Selfie

# 2 I can see a better Selfie of a man, a baby and a dog this month, but I doubt it

# 3 Even this dog is fed up with his selfies

# 4 Mama’s Big Boy

5 Probably the best photo pump of all time

6 When you see it

7 Selfie Background Fail

8 Mirror Selfie. Look closely

9 Reflection Fail

10 This Ugh traffic

11 The Australian police has had enough of your shit

12 I took a Selfie and I saw myself 20 years in the future

13 Little Girl Selfie es fotobombada por Bear-Like Father

14 You could have left something in the shower

15 That moment when your camera focuses on the backside of a horse instead of your Selfie

16 Some friends took a picture and then realized that the people in the background were stuffing a baby in a canyon

17 A wrong move and it’s mine

18 Aww My boyfriend is so sweet! Sneaking in shower shots from me

19 Buddy sent us an image of his grass burning. When you see it

20 Only me, me and me

21 When you see it

22 Yeah Sis ‘, Another Selfie … Gran idea

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