25 alpha males who lost their dignity for love – The Boredom Antidote

Being in the friendzone is always difficult, you want someone with a lot of intensity and that person only sees you as the “best friend”, while you watch your life go by and how that person you love has a great time but not with you , although something is true, you will always be there in case you need your support.

Anyway, the matter is sad enough, but what better laugh with these 25 images of people who clearly live in the friendzone.

25.- One more fallen soldier

24.- Auch!

22.- A real tragedy

21.- The first step is to admit it

20.- Applause for this great brave

18.- That she puts on makeup is the best thing that can happen to you

17.- This boy has discovered a new level of friendzone.

16.- These compas that were used as a tool in a selfie and nothing else, what a bear!

15.- “Let it be seen that he is not paying attention to me … yes.”

14.- Always there to support, enthusiastic young man.

13.- The graphic description of the friendzone.

12.- No comments.

11.- Friends without rights.

10.- Being the spectator of something unattainable.

9.- Celebrating the anniversary of “friends”.

8.- “Yes, I take care of your bag, there is no fart, come on”.


7. – How cruel!

6 “You have to be honest he’s my best friend” “To be honest, I love you” “Hahaha” “I love you too ***** haahha, just to make it clear that we’re not dating, we’re just better friends, hahaha.” 6- It’s official!

5 “So that there is no doubt, we only committed to be the best friends” “Can I double-like that?” 5.- You can always do a manicure if it does not peel …

4 .- Or lose what little bit of dignity that you had and serve as a desk for her to do her homework.

3.- A friend is always there to help you with your problems … of stature.

2.- Also for when you are tired and you want to sit a little while.

1.- “More than friends”

“We have to become something more than friends” “In what, best friends?” “No, x_x I mean something much more than just friends” “Do you think mega good friends?”

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