9 Comics Reveal What Every Guy Wants In A Relationship – The Boredom Antidote

When it comes to a relationship, we all know girls and boys think different. They both have differences in behavior, feelings and the way they react. Most of the boys expect their girlfriends to be as hot and responsive as in the porn movies. But this doesn’t happen everywhere. Many girls might be similar to boys in thinking but there are sure differences. Here we are sharing some images that reveal what a boy actually wants in a relationship.

This is what every guy wants in a relationship. They expect it to be true and frankly speaking, they build the basis of their relationship on these expectations.

And here comes another honest comic capturing what all boys want in their relationships. Anyway, who bothers after the first month of their relationship.

The image shows every guy has a fixed thing in their mind and it needs no explanation at all. If you have doubts regarding this, you will be experiencing it sooner or later as you get in a relationship.

And this is the major reason of conflicts in the relationship. Every often, the guy is feeling horny but it’s not necessarily the case for girls.

In every boy, there is a feeling called ego that never lets them hear a NO. They will be doing what they want or are prepared for.

Boys always consider themselves right and somehow get their way. They are over ambitious when it comes to expectations.

This is the difference between boys and girls for which they can only become one body, but not one mind.

Guys are really good and calculative at using a perfect slang. They are skilled when it comes to using a tricky word with a girl.

A girl always falls prey, because the theory of a guy is beyond understanding. If they were wise enough, they would never fall for idiots

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