Incredible Benefits Of Doing It From Back

Thousands of things have been heard about anal sex and although more and more people talk about it, there are still hundreds of myths about it. Things like “women will be flaccid” until “it is the best test of love for men” continue to circulate on the Internet, and none of them is true.

Well, the truth is that neither men are totally obsessed with this type of act, nor do girls find it completely disgusting, and according to a study by the “Center for Disease Control and Prevention of the United States” as well as Men’s magazine. s Health (Male Health) such practice is increasingly common among couples. But before entering it, there are many things that should be known.

Below we present the things that EVERYONE should know about this practice so that both enjoy themselves to the fullest.

8.- It should NOT hurt

According to Dr. Alyssa Dweck, this act should not cause pain – “It may be a strange sensation, but done in the right way … it should not be painful”, as mentioned in the portal of Men’s Health magazine. The key is to use oily base lubricants to avoid damaging your girl and of course, do it little by little.

7.- Everything at your own pace

They should start slowly, since this part is delicate and should be stimulated prior to the act, as there is no natural lubricant as in the female intimate area. Ideally, start with gentle massages or in a hot shower. This is suggested by the American sexologist Charley Ferrer. Another option is to try after she has reached the climax, as well your body will be completely relaxed.

6.- It will not leave it “stretched”

Sure on more than one occasion have heard that “if they do many times the intimate part of your girl will be loose or stretched” or the girl will suffer from incontinence; for Dr. Alyssa Dweck assures that this is a lie, because although the rectum is stretched to allow the entrance of any object, after the act, it will return to its normal size.

5.- Take the relationship to another level

It is not a test of love as such, but “doing it” in this way requires an emotional, physical connection and a level of trust that not all couples have. If they have the opportunity to experiment, they will take the relationship to another level, because they will feel more connected and with a greater sense of attachment.

4.- SHE must have control

Forget everything you’ve seen in movies or videos for adults, where everything is rough and aggressive. She is the one who must control absolutely the whole act, because little by little she will know what is the depth and the ideal speed to avoid hurting herself. Believe me, you will enjoy to the fullest as well.

3.- Experiment with care

To feel more secure, you can start with toys for adults, or even with your hands, to get the area accustomed to contact. Stimulating it in a relaxing way will serve as “training” for the real action. The use of condoms is also important, both for hygiene and ease of entry. This is what Dr. Dweck suggests.

2.- Communication is basic

Although it may be a little embarrassing, it is necessary to talk and be in communication during the event, so that both of you know what the limit is. They can designate a safety word and remember “no” is “NO”. If at the time of the act, one of the two regrets, they must respect their decision and leave it for later.

1.- Indescribable sensations

This area has thousands of nerve endings, and as Dr. Alyssa Dweck explains, with the correct stimulation, it is possible that the girls reach the climax. The experience is intense and yes, many girls feel indescribable things when they do it this way.

Maybe not for everyone, but with the right information, patience and a lot of care, this experience can be completely relaxing, pleasant and very sensual.

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