These 16 People Got Caught in the Act By Their Parents

Confession time: once in high school, I was giving my then boyfriend a hand job underneath the blanket while we were in his room pretending to watch a movie. Then, his mom comes in asking us if we wanted any snacks and if we needed anything. She lingered for a bit for small talk while my hand was on her son’s d*ck.

F*cking cringeworthy, right? To this day, I still don’t know if she knew what was going on under the blanket. I’ve had some pretty close calls but that one was probably the closest. I seriously have lost count how many times I’ve had boyfriends hide in my closet when my parents came home early from work.

But I guess the odd weren’t against me and I was sneaky as f*ck, so I never got caught in the act by my parents. Thank my lucky stars because my parents would have killed me if they’d caught me. Some people aren’t as slick as I was and have had to deal with the awkward AF conversations with their parents after getting caught.


Alone in my house with my girlfriend at the time. We were both completely naked and I was going down on her and my dad walked in. I obviously forgot to lock the front door. He then proceeded to make small talk with us for about 2 minutes as if he’d walked in on us watching TV rather than me lic king her out. Eventually he said goodbye and shut the door, and I heard him chuckling as he walked off.


Girlfriend’s stepmom caught her fellating me on a couch while watching “basketball wives.”


I was home alone with my boyfriend at the time fooling around- had just had $ ex. I hadn’t heard my mum come home, but at the same time she walked to my bedroom- I loudly said “you should stick it in my a** now” (said in jest but in my best ‘$ exy voice’) I heard a gasp and a “oh my god” and much to my horror realized she was outside my door.


When I was 17, my mom dad and brother left the house for what I had assumed was several hours. My GF at the time and I started making out and pretty soon she was going down on me. My Dad walked in to my room, without knocking and said, “Might want to get dressed, we are home. By the way if mom had caught you she would have cut it off.” I swear to god I heard him whisper “Nice technique” as he was leaving, but he denied it even 20 years later.


Giving the boyfriend a bl0w j0b upstairs in his parents’ house in their game room. His dad walked in on us. Oh, his dad is a Catholic priest.


I was 17 and me and my than GF just happened to stop off at my place while hanging out. There’s no cars parked outside and the house is empty so we figure we can have some fun. We don’t have to worry about being loud or anything so we really go at it but after a little while we hear someone coming up the stairs. Turns out my dad had taken his car into the shop and had been home the whole time. Well he stops in front of the door. We’re just waiting for him to open the door and make a comment but all he does is slide a condom under the door and walks away.


I used to live in the master bedroom of my house. I went away for a week with some buddies, when I returned my entire room was clean. I mean, freaking spotless… Normally this would have been a sweet thing to find, but my room was a wreck when I left. I immediately checked a section of my room where I keep my “GF time” supplies, and it was empty. We’re talking c0n d0ms, lube, you name it. Everything was gone… When I turned around my mom was standing in the doorway. “Guess which part of the room grandma was cleaning,” she asked.


Boyfriend’s mom comes into the room and belly flops onto us while we’re in mid-coitus.


One night my now ex, gf at the time, came over as my parents were leaving to go to dinner with some friends. Right after my parents shut the door we went to my room and started making out and taking each others clothes off, the door to my room was shut. Not more than 2 minutes later I hear the front door open and close. My mom opens the door to my room and says, “(gf name) you left your headlights on, you should probably turn them off so your battery doesn’t die”. She then politely shuts the door and leaves, we were both bare a** when she did this with the blanket on my bed barely covering us.


When I was 18 my GF and I would park in a dark lane late at night and get it on. When we finished I opened the window and tossed the condom out into the night. We did this regularly in my car, but one night we borrowed my GFs mums car – a little Datsun Cherry. Very small, it was like f*cking in a shoebox. But we managed it. I wound down the window, threw out the condom and we drove back to her place. We told her parents we had been at the pub and asked if I could stay over. The next morning there was a scream from my GFs mum. She had gone outside, to go shopping, to find her car with a frozen filled condom stuck to the door panel just below the window, for the whole world to see.


I was giving my boyfriend a bl0w j0b on his parent’s couch in their basement, when his Mom decided to come downstairs to see what we were up to. Awkward. Her face was priceless however. We went on to date for another year after that, and his Mom was always very cordial to me.


16 years old and in a ‘spare’ in my last period of classes, me and my girlfriend at the time decide to go back to my place to mess around. It’s 2 in the afternoon so we figured we had plenty of time alone. Finally we have connection, talking and laughing the entire time, I’m just starting to push in and… In walks mom to see one of my gfs legs on my shoulder, the other between my legs, her propped up on her elbows to see how I’m getting in, and me one hand on the wall, other on my azz, just about to make my foray into man-hood. I look at her and said “uuuuhhhhh” she looked at me and said nothing. A moment passed, my gf turned three shades redder, I pulled out, and mom closed the door.


My dad caught me railing my boyfriend (I’m also a guy) on the living room couch…. on father’s day…. At least his boy was on top?


It was after school and my friend and I each had a girl over and were getting busy when my friends mother walked in. We were not really doing anything too embarrassing and she just said hi and moved on. The next day my friend and I had two DIFFERENT girls over and his mother walks in as we are all just comfortably paired off. His mother says…”Aren’t you going to introduce me to the girls today since you were so rude and didn’t yesterday?”


My boyfriend’s hyper-Catholic mother walked in on us… hehehe that was one funny rant she had. Three children but she didn’t know about contraception..hmm. Anyway I got asked to leave and the boyfriend broke up with me shortly after


I slept over my boyfriend’s house because we were snowed in. That morning his mother said she was going to the YMCA to work out, and no one else was home. So pretty soon, thing’s started getting frisky and he started to give me a blowjob. Apparently his house had the quietest garage door and the least creaky stairs of all time. His mother came home because the YMCA was closed, walked down the stairs and opened the door to see her son with a mouth full of my pen!s.


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