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Nothing can ruin your life faster than a text message. It could be a text to the wrong person or a scorned lover trying to get revenge on you. All it takes a few seconds for a bit of data to travel from one device to another and completely destroy everything you’ve built. Relationships are particularly vulnerable to such acts. Just take a look at these idiots who wish they could take their texts back.

Xbox is life!

You can find me in the club.
Nothing is worse than getting caught in a lie. All this person had to do was either A tell the truth or B actually stay at home and nothing would have gone sideways. Liars and cheaters never win.

Who is he talking to?
What a terrible friend. She and the boyfriend both deserve each other since they are both pretty horrible people.

Daddy issues.
Not sure if this guy just god friend zoned harder than anyone known to man or if he just got the most awkward text ever. Either way, he will never look at her the same way again.

It’s poetry in motion.
One’s a poet and the other is a magician. You would think that would make for a magical relationship. Alas, it was not meant to be.

Keep your clothes on.
An accidental text can destroy your relationship. This chick learned that the hard way when she accidentally sent this naughty pic to her boyfriend after telling him she was working late.

Always that last to know.
It’s pretty hard to miss someone breaking up with you so you have to think that Derek was just lying to this other girl to get in her pants. Either that or she’s just freaking clueless.

There is a point to everything.
Breaking up is hard to do. That is unless you’re already over it and ready to move on. Then it’s pretty easy.

Wanna have sex again baby?
Having sex with your partner is totally fun and something that you should look forward to doing again and again. Unfortunately for this young lady her ex-bf couldn’t wait for her and had to go out and get it from someone else and then lie about it. At least he got caught.

You don’t like pizza?
Pizza is a gift from the gods. Anyone who doesn’t like it isn’t someone that you should associate with. This chick has avoided a lifetime of suckiness and lack of pizza. Plus the guy’s grammar sucked. Way to dodge that bullet girl.

Oops! Totally Busted.
I bet she will pay more attention in her next relationship before she sends out a naughty pic.

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